How this winter’s snow may protect and nourish your plants.

berry pic for blogAs all of us midwesterners know its been a cold and snowy winter.   Here in Chicago this winter currently ranks as the 6th snowiest on record.   Our temps have been below average for most of the season too.   Its easy to look at the negative side of winter, and believe me it has its negatives, but there may also be some positives to take away from it.   Our gardens were really dry going into winter with less than average rainfall in the late summer and fall.    All of this snowfall we have had will ultimately help out our gardens and bring much needed moisture to our plants roots systems.  In addition to the snow helping with moisture it will also help to insulate our plants from the frigid temperatures.   Having this amount of snow on the ground also affects the frost layer.  In areas with sufficient snow cover,  the frost layer can be much less significant and shallower.   This will also help out with our gardens.   If you want to maximize the benefit of the extra water, take a look in your garden and note plants that don’t have alot of snow cover.   Take the time to transfer excess snow to the base of the plants that need extra while keeping in mind any potential flooding issues with the thaw.  Getting lots of water to the plants will certainly help with the spring growing season and help to maximize your gardens potential for beauty and health.   Spring will be here before we know it and we can get back to enjoying our outdoor spaces again. Cheers.