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Robot Lamp 5

Robot Drill Lamp

Robot Drill

I was cleaning up the work shop recently and going through some boxes when I found this old Craftsmen drill.  It was given to me years ago but didn’t get much use.  I have plenty of drills and prefer cordless so this baby went to the wayside.  As I pondered about what to do with it my curiosity got the the best of me.   I really wanted to see what was inside.   Six screws later I had it into pieces.  Now what?  Well,  we really need some more light in our living room and I can’t see going out and spending money on a lamp,  I’m crazy like that.  So I looked over the pieces again and thats when the light bulb went off,  sorry I couldn’t resist.  How about using the drill body as my lamp base and if all goes well I can use the drill trigger to switch the lamp on and off.  I needed to do some more disassembling.   The drill needed to be gutted.  The motor and gears were removed to make space for lamp wire.   As I laid the insides out on the table I then thought,  now what to do with these.   We’ve gone to Artprize in Michigan the last few years and I keep seeing really cool sculpture art.   The pieces that have drawn my attention most are these whimsical characters made from all kinds of different materials.   I love how these characters can be discovered in what some might call junk.  With that inspiration in mind I started piecing things together and right away I saw this robot coming together.   Almost like he was saying “Build me” (robot voice). A couple zip ties, glue and some failed solder attempts and Mr Robot was assembled.

Robot Lamp 5









Now for finishing the lamp.   My trigger switch idea would now be put to the test.  I re-wired everything and then it was time for the test.   Being a metal drill with a metal trigger the possiblility of electrical shock was too much for me to just plug it in and pull the trigger.  I’ve been shocked before and that memory dies hard.   So instead,  I locked the trigger in place with the lock button and then stepped far away to plug it in.

Robot Lamp 4

Fingers crossed, drum roll please.  It was like that moment in A Christmas Story when Ralphie’s old man lights up the leg lamp.   As I plugged in I waited for the lights to dim and the sound of the breaker popping but instead the light came on.  Woo hoo!  With that accomplished I pieced everything together and and added a lamp rod and hardware.   I then attached the drill to a cut out piece of old door.  It needed a lamp shade so we took a trip to the thrift store and found a retro lampshade.

Robot Lamp Shade








With everything in place I couldn’t help but feel the robot was lonely and missing home so I put him back just outside where he came from.  Maybe someday a little robot lady will come along  or maybe he’s a bachelor.   Time will tell.

Robot Lamp 3










Robot Lamp 2